New All-in-one Dipes

Dipes_outer I finished these diapers a little over a week ago. They are a size large all-in-one, made with the Very Basic pattern from Very Baby. I have used this pattern to make pocket-style diapers in medium for my daughter and this is the first time I have actually followed all the pattern instructions! We loved the pocket diapers, but she has recently outgrown them. These will be really easy for Daddy as well as any babysitters we may use. They go on and off just like a disposable with no extra parts!
The inner layers are 100% unbleached cotton birdseye. The waterproof layer is PUL. The pink diaper also has a woven print on top of the PUL for looks, I think it turned out really cute!
I am learning that home-sewn diapers need a few cycles of being washed and dried on hot before they seal. Beware of leaks before sealing occurs!! I have no doubt, though, that these will provide us with months of reliable use once the PUL seals. Check the photostream for a picture of the insides.


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