Craft Blog

Please mosey on over to my Craft Blog if you feel inclined. I updated with my last 3 projects: two shirts and two diapers. I’m kinda thinking of combining the two blogs and using WordPress for hosting. Any thoughts?


2 responses to “Craft Blog

  1. Hey Laura, So I see you are on this thing quite often. I don’t know anything about blogging but I do tend to come on here to see how you guys are doing. We really miss you guys. I would love to write you in an email, or which ever you look at more. Let me know and leave me an email so we can keep better in touch. Thanks My email address is
    Talk to you soon.
    Melissa Huerta

  2. Hey Laura,

    It’s Jessica [Kim’s sister]. I love reading your blogs and seeing how fast abi is growing. i just looked at your craft blog and you are good. have you thought making a business out of it. i think you could make it. crafts are neat talent [it’s just a thought]. Take care, Jessica

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