A flattering tunic

tunicThis is actually my most recently completed project. I wanted a *flattering* tunic for spring, something that I could dress up or down. The most important thing for me was that the bodice was long enough and that there was some shape to it. I have a short torso, and nearly all my store-bought tops shrink up too high on me. I really feel for people with long torsos! I also don’t have enough of a figure to carry off a boxy tunic, it looks like I am wearing a sack. This pattern is Simplicity 2927, which is a Project-runway inspired design. I thought the neck band was a bit tricky, and I found out that I could make good use of a pressing ham. That may be my next sewing-related purchase! I really love the fit. I added a vintage button from my stash. The fabric is a 100% cotton sheeting found at Denver Fabrics. I made very few modifications to the pattern. I used the short sleeves and no pockets, and I did shorten the hem for a better fit. I also am doing a little more finishing work to the interior than it calls for, since I don’t have a serger.


2 responses to “A flattering tunic

  1. Laura, this looks really nice on you. I like the very smooth way the top lies flat across your body. It is very flattering. The fabric looks like it has a smooth “hand”. The neckline is very hip right now, and I like the way it’s been updated (from the 1965 original design) to have the keyhole underneath. The vintage button is just the right finishing touch. Wow, you took those floppy looking disasters that are on the department store racks right now and made the same style look actually stylish! Congrats!

  2. Laura! That tunic top is awesome!!! You have got some serious sewing skills going on there! Beautiful!!!

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