Woof and uh-oh

Took this video of Abi this weekend when she was having a spell of feeling better….I know all you grandparents and aunties and uncles are going to be astounded that we finally put some video up.

I ended up coming down with the bug today after a road ride up Squaw Pass with Raye. The climbing went quite well, and the descending was ridiculously cold. Like shaking, shivering, blue lips, can’t-feel-your-feet cold. I felt awesome up until an hour ago, and then boy did the bug hit hard. Abi seems to be on the mend though, so that is good news. Maybe it will be short lived…..I have to be better by Amy’s visit! On the upside, I’ll probably slow down enough to do some craft blog posts and get some reading in.


3 responses to “Woof and uh-oh

  1. Very cool. Wow has Abi changed a lot in just a few weeks time since our visit! It sounds like she is saying Maddie at the end of the video too.

  2. So cute, thanks for posting. As an auntie, I can’t get enough of the little one:)

    I hope you feel better soon, viruses are no fun:( Get some zinc, C & garlic in you and it should help.

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