Drastic measures?

Wes and I have been having some serious conversations about simplifying our lives. It’s something we have been striving to do, but there is always more to simplify in this culture of excess. The two “crazy” ideas I have had lately are:

1. Going down to one car. Wes car pools, and we do everything together on the weekends. Abi and I already strive for at least one car-free day a week. Do we really need two? At the very least, can we just have liability insurance on the Saturn? Could we just have one that is better on gas but with a bit more passenger room?
2. Going down to one cell phone with a very limited plan, for emergencies. I don’t like having a “leash” and when I have meaningful conversations with people, I am always at home. That means I could use the home phone. Wes has a cell for work now and they give him 300 minutes he can use for personal calls – so do we really need a 2-phone plan? We have 3 cell phones right now!

Any thoughts, readers? Our last attempt to simplify was thwarted by reality (TV) so maybe this is all just wishful thinking. But I am going to take a good hard look at some numbers today, to see if these decisions could result in a better use of our resources and less wastefulness. Sometimes it’s cheaper to stay with status quo….the numbers don’t lie. We’re just trying to be objective about it. Do you realize that two cars per family/couple and a cell phone for each family member is a completely new phenomenon?? Is it really necessary?

Coming soon: two book reviews on simplicity, backlog of sewing projects, and gardening trials and triumphs……


One response to “Drastic measures?

  1. It sounds like you could get rid of your cell phones that you and Wes are paying for privately. The only thing is, you need a way to call him if the car breaks down. As long as you could take care of that, you would be okay. I got my handheld amateur radio and got my technician license when you and your sister were very little, so I could call for help from that. Things have changed a lot since then. This may not work out. There are some cell phones for emergency only.
    Keep your car. Just don’t drive it when you can take that beautiful new bike! Get the car insurance down as low as possible by taking some of the risk of repair/total loss yourself.Since you don’t owe anyone any money on it, you only have to carry the minimum required by your State.

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