Car update…

Well I haven’t gotten any comments yet, but I did the math (including gas, insurance, payments, maintenance), and we would save less than $1,000 per year if we sold both cars and bought a newer (but still used) vehicle. Nope, not worth it – at least not right now given that both vehicles are paid for and working! And I won’t have to get up at 4am – that’s worth $1K per year in my book. Hehehe.


5 responses to “Car update…

  1. Here’s a thought, for what’s it’s worth. I only have the one phone (not one land-line and one cell phone)…one phone and it works fine for me. I can use my cell phone at home and on the road and I get a 15% discount for being an MSU employee. I do have three vehicles though; I use the pick-up to go to town and if I have someone with me; I use my bicycle around Hardin; and I use the motorcycle (oldie, but goodie 60+ mpg and paid for)to cruise around in the county. All in all, go as simple as you can…it leaves more $$$ for the toys!

  2. Your sanity is worth a lot! I stayed home and watched over the family budget, as you know. At that time, we always figured it would cost $25K a year in child care, clothing, and more prepared types of foods, just for me to go back to some other kind of work! Make sure you allow time and money for yourself, too. We are very happy with how things turned out for us! Having a get-away vehicle is very good for your attitude.

  3. If both your cars are paid for, I would keep both of them until you run them into the ground.

    Simplicity isn’t just about the financial aspect. If you would have to get up to take Wes to his carpool every once in awhile, wake Abi, disrupt your day, get all crazy in the head because of it…that’s not simple!

    We operate on one car for the same reasons you mentioned BUT, Troy works 1 mile away, he walks, he goes in at 7:30, so if it’s snowing and I take him, it’s not an interruption.

  4. Troy says about the phones:

    “Run them over, who needs them”

    I have a cell with enough minutes I don’t go over, we have no land line, and Troy uses his work phone very minimally. Wess’s personal phone should definitely go.

  5. We have been trying to simplify also, we got rid of everything but basic cable, commute to work together and try to cook at home. But since we just lost the one car, we have lost that extra bit of freedom. If I want to go see a friend & Chris has side work on a weekend, something will have to give. That little bit of freedom is such a nice luxury. As far as cell phones go, see if there are any discounts through any associations your belong to. My part time job cut our cell phone bill down 25%. Sweet.

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