Return to Health

This past week I have had to make some (wellness) visits to the dentist and the doctor. It has been a long road (1 year) back to health, but I am pleased to say that I am healthy again.
I was weighed yesterday, and my weight is back up to within 5 pounds of pre-baby weight. That is a huge difference from this summer! My blood pressure and resting heart rates are really low as well, so that tells me that the training I have been doing has had positive effects on my overall health. I am having less and less troubles with my lower back, and I feel really great emotionally as well. Oh, and to top it off – no stinkin’ cavities (I had 11 after having Abi!)!
A big thanks to those of you who have supported and encouraged me in getting back to health. One really key aspect was nutrition – talking with Mom, Mary Dean, and seeing a great nutritionist here in Denver really helped with that. Meeting other active mamas has been a huge help too. I would never even be tempted to try a triathlon this year if it weren’t for Liz and Sonja. I am finding triathlon training to be a great overall fitness regime, because it focuses on being sustainable and varied.
I think the root issue in returning to health – spiritually, emotionally, and physically – was to learn to show myself grace. This is probably true for any new mom. As moms, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. Sleep doesn’t happen, we eat whenever we are allowed the time (which isn’t often), we neglect our spiritual health because it requires solitude (something we don’t have)! I’m still in the process, but I am learning its okay to take care of Laura, and not only okay but necessary.


2 responses to “Return to Health

  1. Laura, this is a big step. I remember when I got to the point that you are at after having annie. I started to come out of the haze, like the hormones were finally wearing off. Good job staying patient with yourself and for seeking help when you needed it with diet and things. You are such an introspective person, I know you will continue to strive to be the best Laura you can be.

    Big Hugs from across town!

  2. Laura is now a super adult!
    Super Mom!
    Super Daughter!
    Super Triathlon person!

    And, to think, you started out as a Super Kid!

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