And then there were 2…..

I finally sold my GT earlier this week. I know it’s silly, but I miss it. It’s just a thing, and the person I sold it to is new to mountain biking and I think he will really enjoy it. I could have kept it for sentimental reasons, but the space and the cash trumped that decision.
I had so many good memories on that bike. Collegiate races. Rides with Wes. Rides with friends. Epic rides. Night rides without lights. Crashes. Races won. Races lost. The Wild 100. 24 hours of Snowshoe. Getting more brave. Studying for dendrology while riding. Getting lost in the desert. Getting lost in the woods. Riding alone. Exploring. Seeing a bear. Moab. New horizons.
Now, I need to sell my Fisher and I will be on my way to a new bike. I think I’m going to spring for a Yeti, so it may be a while (Economic Stimulus Package??!!). Wes got out on his Yeti this week and loved it. I’m drooling over the 575 in orange, mostly because the orange reminds me of the GT!
In other news, Sonja helped me with my swimming yesterday and boy do I have a lot of work to do. I think the only thing I am doing right is not drowning and managing to move forward somehow! It’s fun to learn something new but sometimes it can feel a little daunting. Having someone gently give suggestions was super helpful. I guess that’s something for me to keep in mind next time I take a newbie mountain biker out.


3 responses to “And then there were 2…..

  1. Gee, Laura, you sure are adventuresome. It is cool that you have all those memories of your bike. You could copy that blog entry and put it with one of your bike pictures. This is the stuff of life-long memories!!

    Now you will get to have new adventures with your new bike, when it happens.

  2. You are making grrreat progress on your swim! Just keep at it!

    Teary about the bike…I know how you feel, but cheers to some moola for a new one!

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