Easter Weekend Fun

We had quite a weekend! Saturday, I made cinnamon rolls and then we all ate too many of them. Wes and I also got to go on a *DATE,* thanks to Troy & Sonja watching Abi and our small group planning a night out. It was great! I wasn’t a fan of the play we saw, but just getting out was wonderful.
Sunday we went to Easter service and Abi got to wear the beautiful dress my mom made her. Someday soon when I have time I will also post the dress on my craft blog. Things have been insanely busy lately, especially when Abi is awake! In the afternoon I rode up Lookout Mountain, which was almost free of ice & snow.
Monday we went to Echo Lake and went cross-country skiing up the Mount Evans road! Spring is coming, as you can see from the picture, parts of the road were uncovered already. We’ve had a busy weekend and this is shaping up to be a busy week for me with training, one of the longest I will have this year. It’s a good thing Abi loves her Chariot!

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