Just keep….

SWIMMING. I am trying to tell myself I like it. One week, every thing’s progressing, the next week, I’m floundering and tired and barely able to swim 1300 yards before I call it quit. Guess what kind of week this is? My only idea is to go 3 times a week for short sessions, rather than try to do 2 long ones and get frustrated. I know I can do the distance for my first tri in May – but I don’t want to be last out of the water. Also, the Y keeps the lap pool at 85 degrees for the old people, which makes me feel like I am a bean swimming in a big pot of soup or something. Could it be that? Maybe it’s a mental thing. Any other ideas? Links? Help?


2 responses to “Just keep….

  1. I find it hard to do anything physically or mentally challenging on Monday! I think it is weekend fatigue. You probably do more than you realize all the time, so when you try to workout, that is on top of the unstructured “workout” you’ve already had over the weekend (toting the baby, shopping, climbing up mountains to see the view, running up and down the steps). So, just grit your teeth and keep doing your planned swim!! If it doesn’t show up the very same day you do it, the aggregate effect of sticking to your plan will show up eventually šŸ™‚

  2. I have a guest pass to my gym that needs using, would you like to come by and I can help you with a few things with your stroke. That way you will have some new things to think about doing when you are getting in your mileage. When I get bored swimming, I hate it. When I have a lot to think about, I love it.

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