Buh-bye, bikes

I’m getting in a quick post while my family is out getting skis for tomorrow and Abi is asleep. So far we have been busy, busy since they got here. We took them snowshoeing yesterday and everyone loved it! More on that later once I get the pictures.
Friday I took my “new” mountain bike in for a fit check with Nancy at Green Mountain Sports. She did not have good news for me. Looks like we need to sell that bike before I ride it any more so we can recoup the $. The shock is too stiff for me and the bike top tube is too long. This effectively makes the bike a hardtail (no rear shock) and we bought it because it had a rear shock. Doesn’t make much sense to keep it. We can recoup the money since I barely rode it, though. I’m also going to have to bite the bullet and sell the GT too. Nancy felt so bad breaking the news to me that she came out to the car and apologized once we were ready to go! It just goes to show, sometimes you really can’t save money by skipping the professional advice you get at a bike shop. I have been out of the industry for so long that I have no idea what to look for anymore.
I also realized I don’t need the lightest, fastest, best ride anymore – I need something that will leave my back intact enough for a 10K trail run after thrashing on the bike for an hour!
I promise pics and updates with the next post….


2 responses to “Buh-bye, bikes

  1. What, no way, that’s crazy! Both don’t work…wowzer!
    I wish I could buy your GT, but $$ is just going in other directions lately!

  2. Sorry about the bad news, but Abi and I had fun at the coffee shop (eating, what else?), while you were getting your bike check-up.

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