Card-carryin’ insanity

This was the kick in the pants that I needed to get back on track – my USAT membership card came this weekend. Now I am a card- carrying tri geek according to Wes. I still have yet to do a triathlon, but this card certifies me as officially crazy.
I also got some new running shoes this weekend. Turns out I’m a pretty bad overpronator. The helpful people at Runner’s Roost got me in a suuuuper cushy pair of Sauconys. Long, comfortable runs – here I come! I just needed some little things to get me going in the right direction and enjoying workouts again.
I was talking with my friend (who happens to be an Ironman and a coach) Anna yesterday. I told her, much to my own surprise, that this year should be all about finishing and feeling strong and not at all about numbers. It shocked me to hear myself say it, but she agreed with me wholeheartedly about staying away from counting, comparing, and trivializing my workouts and races. I know she gives good advice, so I’m going to stick by what I said. Not allowed to say “I’m really slow.” Hold me to it.
Swimming is getting better (again) and I just want to get on the bike more often. If we keep having 70 degree Saturdays, that should help!
In case you’re wondering why I look “like that”, Abi hasn’t slept in 3 days. Molar is coming in. Ouch!


4 responses to “Card-carryin’ insanity

  1. Okay, I am going to hold you to it!
    You look just fine, for an insane person. I’ve never seen one that looked any better than you. 🙂

  2. Teeth, why do they have to be so painful? Have fun running, I am able to run on the weekends right now and am so looking forward to the spring and better running days!

  3. Insane people usually can’t admit that they are in fact insane, so I think you are good. BUT, loony…that’s a different story. Can’t wait to TRI with you!

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