No, I didn’t buy any cheese.

Abi and I got back from visiting the Dawsons in Wisconsin yesterday. It was a wonderful trip for us, I hope it was nice for them as well. Miss Aurelia is quite beautiful, and opinionated. She really knows what she wants, but being stuck in a 7-week old body, can only communicate by crying. I admire the patience and joyful hope that Bernadette and Hans have. I can barely remember Abi being that small. Kinda scary.
We went to a real, live store that carried CLOTH DIAPERS and it was so awesome. I bought a couple more covers in the hopes that organic cotton and less plasticy material might solve the issues we have been having with Abi and rash. We also went to IKEA, Swedish land of cool design. On the way there we saw a TRIATHLON STORE and Hans & Bernadette kindly let me jump out of the car while they picked up some coffee. Ahhh….. I know I supposedly don’t like shopping, but not if it involves IKEA or sports equipment. I think we need one of each in Denver. I picked up some new handles for our kitchen cabinets – enough for all of them – for $10, and a pink race number belt. Incredible! We also got to see some of Milwaukee, including the Art Museum building. It is a really neat city.
Come to think of it, we did a lot of stuff – also got to visit the area Y to get some swimming in. They had a salty pool, kinda strange, but also made me feel like a much better swimmer (more buoyant!). We loved hanging out with the Dawsons and can hardly wait till they make it out here this summer. I can’t believe how much our lives have changed since we became friends in Elko. We could do what we wanted, whenever we wanted….and now we all just want to get 8 hours of sleep. Hehehe.
Abi traveled well, although she did not sleep well. We are happy to be home with Wes and are headed up to Keystone tomorrow morning to meet Byron and do some more skiing! If you’re headed to the mountains, give us a ring!


2 responses to “No, I didn’t buy any cheese.

  1. Well, that was cheezy of you, not to buy any cheese. Cheez Whiz, what WERE you doin out there all that time? And, still no cheese?
    Does the moon look more like green cheese there than it does here?

    I checked out Aurelia. She is very dear. She will be talking soon. Her eyes are very intelligent looking. I think there is a lot going on in that little head.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip, glad to have you back in town though. Sorry about the molars, poor Abi.

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