What a week

Here is a picture of Abi signing. She is saying “eat.” Eat is probably both her favorite word and favorite thing to do. She is having some pink oranges that we got from Costco and a yogurt drink, delectable. Today she also tried black gravel and found out it was not the same as Oreos (although it looks similar) and yesterday she tried some brown foam when she bit into Evan’s football (sorry Evan!). It has been a week of culinary adventures, as usual.

This week we had the greatest weather. Every afternoon it was at least 50 degrees, some days warmer. Abi and I have been spending a great deal of time outside because it was the only way to keep me sane. All the outside time has me dreaming of our garden come summertime. I think I’m going to get some seeds going when we get back from Wisconsin.

Abi is cutting a tooth (I HOPE) and has been anything but her usual agreeable self. Any time it’s just me and her together, she screams at me: in the car, at naptime, when she wakes up, when we are eating, when she is playing…..arrrgh. It has been a strange week altogether. Here it is Friday night and I am feeling down, tired, and kind of lost. I think it’s time for a long shower, some scripture reading, and some toenail painting until Wes gets home from a going-away party. One of his co-workers is headed to Indonesia for 3 months – I suppose life could be much worse. Wes could be going to Indonesia, but he isn’t. Phew!


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