Media decision

Thanks for all the comments yesterday, some good thoughts to chew on.

Here’s what we decided to do:
1. Keep the same TV with the green spot. It works just fine.
2. We went to Target and bought a $50 DVD player, since we have been using NetFlix, and our other one broke.
3. We signed up for Direct TV with a DVR. Don’t be mad. (See explanation below).
4. We are going to build a cold frame for lettuce and seedlings first, and see how it goes. If it goes well, we might do a greenhouse in a few years. Wes is totally in on it.

Here’s our rationale for the Direct TV: We know it’s unreasonable to think we’re both going to stop watching any TV of any kind. I probably could, but Wes really likes it for switching gears when he gets home or for riding the trainer. He’s been reading more now than ever, but he pretty much needs 30 minutes of mindless activity after dinner first. The problem with this is that network TV is almost all TRASH and the commercials are even worse. Enter Direct TV (when we had it before, we watched food network or national geographic 90% of the time) and a DVR. Now we can skip the commercials and watch somewhat educational TV, rather than mind-numbing garbage. If we find that it leads to more TV watching than before (rather than less) we will take the penalty and get rid of it – we are both on board with that.

So, some of you are probably disappointed in us, but we are trying to be realistic. And we didn’t buy a 60″ plasma screen TV, and never will.

I promise to share my delicious lettuce one we get that cold frame set up.


4 responses to “Media decision

  1. I agree with you completely. If I didn’t have Tivo already, we wouldn’t have canceled our cable…but we get 12 channels of PBS where we live without cable. As you get used to your DVR, Wes may even watch less regular TV, the commercials are so irritating.

    I found the neatest salad garden plans. You might be able to use these later in the summer out there.

  2. I can hardly wait to see how a DVR works. Please show me when we visit. I don’t know anything about this new type of TV. Yes, commercials are irritating. They are always trying to get you to buy more than you need!

  3. We, like you guys, have succumbed to getting Cable TV. Last night the guy came and hooked us up. I must say though there are some really neat features that don’t make me feel like I am selling my soul to the TV. There is an exercise channel that you can choose all different workouts at anytime of the day. Pretty snazy! Anyways I am glad that you guys worked it out and when you come and visit you can stare at our “huge” tv. haha! Good Luck on the growing lettuce!

  4. Sign me up for the lettuce train!! Woot Woot.
    Sounds like the two of you talked about it and made a nice informed decision that will work well for your family. You can always huck the TV in the trash if it gets annoying!

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