Media Madness

Yep, we are thinking about buying a better TV. One that isn’t 12 years old and has a green spot in the middle. Along with the better TV would come Direct TV again, so we could enjoy it more and ditch the rabbit ears.

WHAT! I am having some trouble with this impending decision. Is this a good idea or not? What could we do that would radically change us and stay in line with our priorities? Probably not buy a new TV. A GREENHOUSE from Costco would cost about the same and would provide lots of fun too. What do you think? Your thoughts, blog reader?

6 responses to “Media Madness

  1. Oh my gosh, I would totally go for the greenhouse. Duh, coming for me, I haven’t had a TV for over a year now.
    But, I don’t think Wes gardens? So what would give both of you joy?

  2. Funny you should mention this right now because Hans and I are going through the same debate. Although we already have the TV we are just trying to figure out whether to get Direct TV or not. Seeing as it is driving snow and a low of 0 degrees outside, I am leaning towards getting cable for the next few months then canceling. How much TV do you guys watch now? I’d keep a log for a week and then realize that it might change once summer hits too. You also might want to think about it from Wes’s perspective. He probably doesn’t want to come home from work and go out to the greenhouse and relax. Maybe you guys can compromise. Don’t get a super duper oh my gosh my eyeballs hurt because the TV is so big TV and maybe you can buy both items. I know you guys will make the right decision!

  3. TV? Don’t do it. Kill the one you have already. If you must, like B said – make it a little one – both in size and the amount of time you spend with it. No comparison! Mind numbing garbage vs. healthy food? Actually, having just a little bad is all bad. A little leavan… well, you’ve got the idea. Your programming the computers of your minds, fill them with good stuff. Did I rant sufficiently long?

  4. From Hans:

    Not even close! Go with the greenhouse.

    The feeling of soil on your fingers…the relaxing effects of planting…letting Abi start he own garden in a few years…healthy food…orchids

    Besides Bernadette just talked me into getting cable for a few months and I feel dumber already.

    But I would let Wes get some sweet games for the PSP, just to keep harmony and reduce and need for stabbing with knives…

  5. GREENHOUSE!!! I would absolutely LOVE to have a greenhouse, although the gas bill to heat it would be more expensive than cable, but I would have tomatoes and peppers in May and wouldn’t have to buy those leathery things that pass for tomatoes in Montana.

  6. Laura, was that Steve your dad? I gave up my converter when we changed our internet service. I now have rabbit ears that receive ONE station from Hagerstown (western maryland). I like to watch TV, just for a couple of minutes, when I need to eat a snack or just want to really put my feet up in the reclining chair and relax. I miss being able to get PBS for the old mysteries and animal kingdom type programs. I am living without cable or satellite TV, but I do miss it!
    Your brother and your Dad read constantly. I am sure they are better off intellectually. However, I think it is a little severe to have to do completely without. It’s just gotten so expensive! I go to the library and borrow movies (and books) for free.

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