Thinking ahead…..

We sold my cross bike this afternoon and with the $$, I just got a USA Triathlon membership and registered for the Boulder Peak Triathlon on July 20. Woohoo! Now all I have to do is swim, bike, and run A LOT between now and then.
Check out the new slideshow – pics of Abi getting ready for bed. She has to have her “lambie” to go to sleep now, and a story or two. She doesn’t really want you to read, though, she just likes to turn all the pages real fast.
Abi did something hilarious this afternoon. She made a stack of 3 books and then stood on top of them. She looked quite proud of herself for a minute. Then, she looked at me and started freaking out. She couldn’t figure out how to step down off the book stack! I had to help her out. It’s hard to step down when you haven’t mastered walking yet, I guess.


One response to “Thinking ahead…..

  1. I registered too! I’m so excited, and can’t wait. Are we the same age group? Do we get to start together?

    SOOOO exciting!

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