Puke city, Round 3!

This is going to be another complainy post, but I need to get this off my chest…er…stomach. We are experiencing our third bout of stomach flu since November in the Johnson household. Abi Monday, Wes last night, probably me today. I am freaking out! I have turned from natural-cleaning mama to a hypocritical OCD Lysol wipe user. Like seriously. Every piece of laundry has been washed in hot water at least once, I wear gloves when I change Abi, and I lay awake at night panicking about getting sick – again. What I weenie I am!My own selfishness bothers me too – I obsess more about not getting sick than I do about Wes and Abi getting better. Which, by the way, they are – it was short lived. Wes went to work today and Abi is on the mend. I promise to post some cute Abi pics next post and stop wallowing in my anxiety.


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