Abi’s birthday party

We celebrated Abi’s birthday (which is tomorrow) last night during the Super Bowl with some friends. My friend Katie made strawberry cake (yum!) and we decorated it, which was quite an ordeal. Wes, Abi, and I have all be really sick with a cold lately, so just getting out of the house was an ordeal!
We stripped Abi down to her diaper and socks and let her go to town on the cake. She loved it. She also loved opening her presents, a set of number blocks from us and a big bear from Kevin and Katie. See the slideshow or our Picasa site for more pictures!


6 responses to “Abi’s birthday party

  1. Wow, a year already! It looks like she loved her cake 🙂 May this year be another filled with new experiences and joy for your family!

  2. the pictures are awesome… especially the one of Abi hugging the panda bear. So cute. She’s really growing so fast.

  3. Dear Laura,

    Happy Bithday to Abi, and most of all to both of you. It’s been such a blessing to have Abi in our lives.

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