One girl does not need 4 bikes

Seriously, it’s time to let 2 of my *4* bikes go. I have been so blessed to have lots of sports equipment, but I don’t want to store or take care of 4 bikes anymore. Time to sell the GT and the Fuji cross, and put the money towards Wes’ future full-suspension mountain bike!
I am still riding 8 speed on my sweet Trek 2500 that I built up myself. In a year or two, I’d like to save up for the Orbea Onix Dama or something similar if it comes in green. For now, simplifying and taking better care of (and riding more) what I do have will be awesome!
If you live in Denver and know someone about 5’4″to 5’7″ who needs a mountain bike or a beater / cross bike, let me know! I’m going to list them on Craig’s list (cheap!) once I have them all tuned up.


2 responses to “One girl does not need 4 bikes

  1. Oh, I don’t know – some girls have that many keyboard instruments! Just call it a collection. In case of emergency, there will be plenty of escape equipment!

  2. Oh pick me pick me, I want the cross bike!!! I live in Wisconsin though, is that going to be a problem? Hahaha! Oh yeah and I haven’t been on my bike in oh how long, so sad so sad!

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