What Miss Abigail is up to

I realize most of you really don’t need to hear my rants and raves, and would rather know what Miss Abigail is up to. Sorry for the delay in getting this up.
Abi started walking last Friday! She links lots of steps together, squats down, regains her balance, stands up again and goes for it.
Abi started shrieking at a frequency known to rupture eardrums and shatter glasses on this Friday! Oh boy!
Abi likes to try to feed herself with a spoon full of slimy, sticky yogurt. Very fun. The frequency of bathing Abi has also gone up quite a bit.
Abi likes to say things every now and then. “Dah” is dog, “Madah” is Maddy, “Dis?” while pointing is What is This? She also has her own little Abi words for lots of things, but I haven’t deciphered them yet.
I can hardly believe her 1st birthday is only a little over a week from now. We’re thinking we will do a combo Super Bowl / Yay for Abi party next weekend!
In the meantime, if you call me on the phone and either A. Don’t answer B. I can’t understand you, it’s because the shrieking finally did it.


3 responses to “What Miss Abigail is up to

  1. You kidding me – I love hearing about what you are up to: doing and thinking. I like hearing about Abi too:)

  2. She looks a little messy to me….never give a child more than you want to clean up off the floor – that’s what I learned..

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