Goal Progress

Time for a moment of truth here on my goals for 2008. Doing good on some, not so good on others, but being honest about where I am at will help me re-focus.

Faith: 1. Spend part of Abi’s first (or only, hehe) nap of the day in prayer.
Doing good on weekdays, weekends are still a struggle.
2. Commit to helping with the fledgling dance team at church.
No progress here yet, and our music director just quit.

Family: 1. Take each Sunday, or at least every other Sunday, as a no-internet, no TV, no Video Games day. Spend that time playing, talking, reading, or napping.
Haven’t done this yet. This SUNDAY WE WILL DO IT. I am going to literally pull the plug.
2. Remember family birthdays and anniversaries!
Yes and no. Have a lot of cards to get out in Feb.!

Friends: 1. Have friends over for dinner once a month.
Did this in January – woohoo!

Fitness: 1. Complete at least one XTERRA race this summer, finally!! That also includes one sprint-distance on road Triathlon to get ready.
Making good progress here, training is going better and swimming is going much better.
2. Eat fish once a week.
Probably done this 2 weeks so far.

Finance / Professional: 1. Join Society of American Foresters.
Nope. Next month we’ll have the $$.
2. Start and contribute monthly to Abi’s college fund.
Nope. No good reason, going to try and do this today.

There it is – the honest truth. But, I do have 11 more months to get there. I am looking forward to what the rest of the year holds and I want to stay focused on my priorities. Which means I better stop blogging and go play with Abi!


One response to “Goal Progress

  1. Sounds like your are doing pretty good, for as young as the year is, to me – and you took time to talk to your Mom and Grandmom today! Give yourself an “atta girl” for me!

    Last year I didn’t start on my weight loss goal until June, and I still made a lot of progress…I also made huge progress on two other goals, but not all at once.

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