Name Letters from Odds n’ Ends

I really wanted some of those big letters for my daughter’s room to spell out her name. However, we are on a pretty tight budget this month and I also want to start trying to use what I have here before going to the store. I was able to make these using things that I found in my craft supply stash.
bottlecap name
The pots are tiny terra cotta pots, painted white. I stamped the letters on them and outlined the letters with a Sharpie. I hot-glued some cute ribbon my friend Kim sent me around the rims of the pots.
flower detail
The flowers are made of a bottle cap and petals cut from scrapbook paper scraps. For the yellow one, I dragged the edges across an ink pad to add some color. I like the yellow one the best. To attach the petals, I made a big pool of hot glue in the back of the bottlecap and arranged the petals upside-down.
The stems are made of a beaded wire wrapped around floral wire (for stiffness) and laid in a dab of hot glue on the back of the bottlecap.
Finally, I put a small piece of floral foam in each pot and stuck the flower in!


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