Lump of (cold) Laura Day

Today it was 1 degree out when we got up. See picture for what happens to our sliding door when it is 1. That’s right, 1, and the door was covered in ice. Makes it really interesting getting the dog in and out. I am used to it being cold, but I am having post-race blah’s and I don’t want to do anything today. The goal today is to get on the rollers for at least 30 minutes. Just 30 minutes, and I know I’ll be less sore once I get going.
I grabbed the camera this morning and took some pictures around the house (see slideshow for more pics). Here are a few:
One is of our new wall and gate that matches the floor. All we have left to do is trim. Wes is the greatest. We didn’t 100% need the wall, there were other ways to baby-proof the stairs, but it looks awesome and it’s super-safe!
The other picture is of our new curtains. I bought some plain linen panels and shortened them, then added some ribbon along the bottoms with a cool wood-grain look to it. I love the way they turned out.
Check out the slideshow for how the whole room came together- its completely different! We sold our old couch and bought some “new” ones for less on Craig’s List, and we came out even on the whole project. You can’t ask for much more than that.
I’m also hoping today or tomorrow (during nap time) to get my new crafty blog finally going. I am working on Word Press and I am really looking forward to getting it up.


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