New Crafty Blog

I’m going to give Word Press a try and I’m going to give blogging my creations a try. I seem to keep ending up making things for people, so I hope to post projects, instructions, and ideas on this site.


3 responses to “New Crafty Blog

  1. I think your new crafty blog is cool.What a nice way to share your craft ideas. It would be neat to scan the picture of your sister sitting in the box labeled Craft Ideas and use it for the title!
    I like the way your changing table organizer turned out. I see you used the ribbon left over from the bumper pad project. Good job – I hope this blog will inspire me to sew..

  2. Does the subject of that picture have a say in this? hehe. I really like your craft blog so far, you always make nice looking stuff.

  3. you are really clever. i’m finding out how to use things on hand,since i cannot drive to the store so often. the flowers are fantastic. i’m working on a linus project. grandma

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