On Becoming a Domestic Engineer

I have been “not teaching” now for a whole entire month. At first, I felt strange and a little lost, maybe even a little sad. I know I have a gifting for teaching and I really love it, hard days and all. The past two weeks, though I have been feeling really different. I am enjoying being a full-time mama (a.k.a. professional babysitter, a.k.a. domestic engineer). I think it was so strange at first because I haven’t had a break yet – I didn’t even have a maternity leave and worked full-time from home last spring.
I have a feeling of peace that this is the right thing for Abi, Wes, and myself in this season. I’m pretty sure I will go back to working at least part-time, I just don’t know when. It’s so great to be able to just focus on and take pride in what I am doing around the home. I’m not really doing anything differently, but my attitude is completely different. Instead of feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time, I am starting to feel motivated. Motivated to teach Abi new things, to cook a great dinner, to take the time to really play with Abi, to support and encourage Wes as he is going through job stresses. I don’t feel that it is a waste of my training or abilities either. What is more important than raising a child well? I like to think that the culmination of all the things I have done and studied will help me to be a better mother for Abi, and that she will one day set out to change the world.

3 responses to “On Becoming a Domestic Engineer

  1. Yes, she will change the world, because she has a great Mom! Moms change the world more than anybody else guesses! We’re just too busy doing domestic things to make a big noise about it!

  2. I think motherhood is one of the most emotionaly, physicaly, and spiritualy demanding things one can do. I am glad you are taking time to enjoy it; and wether you go back to work, it is very rewarding.

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