Golden Gate Canyon SP

Today, Wes had off, and we decided to go snowshoeing at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. We met up with Charlotte and Caedmon (and Nuche) after Wes fixed the extremely flat tire that the Jeep had this morning. Who put that nail in our tire? I’m looking for you….
Anyways, it was about as PERFECT as a January day could be. Clear Nevada blue sky, not too cold, not too windy, just enough snow for the snowshoes, just the right trail for a good workout but not too much with the babies in tow. We went ahead and got an annual State Parks pass too, so we are hoping to have many more adventures up at Golden Gate in the coming year.
In case you look closely at the above photo, that is not our dog – that is Nuche hanging out with Abi.

4 responses to “Golden Gate Canyon SP

  1. Wow, Laura…I just can’t get over how much Abigail’s expressions look just like yours! She must study your face 24/7. She has really got those facial expressions down pat!

  2. Nuche looks a lot like Maddy. Cute picture… I put it on my desktop 🙂 We got a little snow today also.

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