2008 Goals

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I think the word resolution is kind of a form of wishful thinking. I do like New Year’s goals though (okay, maybe I am being really word-picky here). I see a goal as a measurable result that you can attain.
In the past I have come up with lots of goals each year. I like to divide them up by the 5 F’s my Dad taught me: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance. Finance includes your professional life. Whenever I’m questioning my priorities, I always return to this easy to remember saying from Dad – the 5 F’s. Always in that order. So this year I’m shooting for 1 or 2 goals in each area. Here they are, and don’t hesitate to hold me accountable to them (that’s why I’m sharing them publicly)!

Faith: 1. Spend part of Abi’s first (or only, hehe) nap of the day in prayer.
2. Commit to helping with the fledgling dance team at church.

Family: 1. Take each Sunday, or at least every other Sunday, as a no-internet, no TV, no Video Games day. Spend that time playing, talking, reading, or napping.
2. Remember family birthdays and anniversaries!

Friends: 1. Have friends over for dinner once a month.

Fitness: 1. Complete at least one XTERRA race this summer, finally!! That also includes one sprint-distance on road Triathlon to get ready.
2. Eat fish once a week.

Finance / Professional: 1. Join Society of American Foresters.
2. Start and contribute monthly to Abi’s college fund.

That’s it! What are yours?


2 responses to “2008 Goals

  1. What great goals! I am keeping it small this year cause it worked last year. I am still a veggie. This year I resolve to eat a salad every day, get our new blog running and finish my China album!

  2. This year I want to lose about 15 more pounds, get rid of another half-ton of junk out of the basement, and learn some more fantastic organ literature!

    I also want to see Abigail & the grownups that take care of her as often as possible!

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