We’re Baaaack!

Hello, Denver….hello, sunshine….hello, snow!! We’re back at home now and it really feels good. It was so nice to see our family on both sides again, but were are ready to be done traveling for a while.

Abi took her first steps yesterday!! 2 or 3 (he says 3) steps – to my Dad. I am sure there are many more to come. She also started saying bye-bye while waving and said a few other random, but real, words in the last couple of days. I am thinking that this big onslaught of new things could be the reason why she didn’t sleep most of the time we were gone. Today she has been napping like a champ and we are so glad to see the sun and blue skies again!


2 responses to “We’re Baaaack!

  1. That’s exciting about Abi’s steps! I knew it wouldn’t be long, with all the standing and reaching she was doing over the weekend. It was so wonderful seeing you all. I hope you are getting well-rested and settled back in at home. love ya!

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