New Race Log

For those of you who actually look at the entire blog page, I have added a race log below the links on the blog. Just for the record, this is entirely for me. I find that blogging is a really easy way, and right now the only way, for me to keep track of things.I’m not trying to impress anyone. Believe me, neither the races I choose to do nor the results I get are impressive. This year, this will be the only record of what I will do athletically.
I don’t keep a training log anymore – I get too bogged down in the numbers. I kept a training log for about 6 years. I couldn’t understand those people that would just do their workouts and go race without analyzing every last inch of what they were doing. I did all of that, and you know what? I wasn’t very good! Not at all! And worst of all, there were many aspects of racing that started to lose their appeal and every loss became a personal failure.
So, while training logs are great for most athletes, I have determined that for me right now, recording that kind of information would be a hindrance. I am having a great time running, biking, and occasionally competing. I am doing it for me – and only for me. That may come across as selfish, but what I really mean is that my self-worth, my life, my priorities aren’t going to change based on my race results. The only thing that hangs in the balance now is fun and an “icing-on-the-cake” kind of fulfillment.
I also would like to think of this race log as a way of keeping track of fulfilled dreams. Little dreams – but very much my own. I hope that some of you who read here regularly would be a teensy bit inspired to see that with a little dream and some hard work, things can happen. I’m not a gifted athlete. I just love it. You don’t have to win at Kona, or come in top 3 every time – just set a tiny goal and reach for it. It is surprising how so many aspects of life can come together when you have a goal.
Wow, that was one heck of a long-winded introduction to my race log. For those of you who actually will look at it, enjoy!


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