Almost 1 year

It has been almost a year now since we moved to Colorado. The first picture was what it looked like on our back porch the week we moved in, Wes went back to Elko, and then it proceeded to snow over 3 feet blizzard-style. I was a total mess that week being hugely pregnant, with piles of work to do, an unpacked house, quite literally snowed in, knowing no one, and no husband. It was one of those life-defining moments. I remember coping by curling up with Maddy for a nap every afternoon and watching the baby kick her in the head (through my belly). Oh, and talking to Maddy. A lot. Things have drastically improved in the past year!
Kim was our first houseguest. She came out to help us get settled in. It was a huge blessing. It really made me feel very loved that she wanted to come before the baby was there – just to see us and help us. Thanks for the green wall, Kim, we still really like it! Wes’ mom also came out a few weeks later to help us get settled as well. She made us oodles of delicious food and froze it for later (ha, ha) use. The zucchini bread didn’t last very long.
Its hard for me to remember what this home was like before Abi arrived. We did all of this for her. We didn’t want to raise her in Nevada and we wanted to be more accessible to family. Wes wanted to be home with her more. All of this and more we have found here. We love living here. The mountains, the snow, the trees, the people – we love it. We only wish our families would move here too!


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