Chilly Cheeks!

Yesterday was the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon #1. It was CHILLY! We got snow and ice overnight, which made running oh-so-fun. The race promoter even made the 10-mile bike course optional, which is kind of like saying “breaking your neck is optional today.” I chose to do the whole thing, and most people did as well.
Wes and Abi came to watch, which may not have been a great idea, because she was not a happy camper from what I heard! We’re still working on how many layers she needs to be comfortable.
The best part of the whole race was getting to do it with friends. Liz, Christie, and Gaye from Mountain Mamas all competed (yes, there are that may crazy people out there) as well as Troy in his first multi-sport race ever! Sonja, Annie, and the cowbells as well as Wes and Abi made up the cheering section – for us and everyone else.
Liz and I found our running paces to be really similar, and we did the whole run course together, pushing it all the way. I think we both went faster than we would have alone. The snow and ice made it too easy to slow down and stay that way, but with a good running buddy you can push through that!
For the bike course, I busted out the cyclocross bike from its loooong hibernation. It was the perfect bike for the slippery roads, I didn’t feel too sketchy on it and was able to average 16 mph which was good, given the conditions.
It was another FUN race day, and I can’t wait until the next one! The second best part was a huge burrito, hot shower, and long nap afterwards.
I finished 7th in my age group with a total time of 1:18, for the duathlon. Yes folks, that is nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes of baby-care break (not that I’m counting or anything). For the run, Liz came in 10th and I came in 11th, and we both had a pace of 8:57 for the 3 3/4 mile run.


4 responses to “Chilly Cheeks!

  1. Woot! Congrats on the great race, I would never be so brave to run & bike on an icy road. Ask Wes if he remembers when I stormed out of Dennis’ Winnebago on a ski trip back in the day. Needless to say, the icy parking lot and my head got a bit to familiar….

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