It’s not so bad!

Yup, being a mom is hard. But it is so worth it. Wednesday was a stinky, breaking-down kinda day. Thursday I dragged us to our monthly La Leche League meeting and I think we both felt refreshed when we got home. There is something about that group of women, but meeting with them once a month has been a huge lifesaver to me. I think there is strength in numbers, and the leaders are very skilled at nurturing the mothers who are working so hard to nurture their babies. I am so thankful for that group.
This week’s new milestone: waving! Abi waves good morning to me, to the dog, to Wes when he gets home, to other babies and moms, to random people. It is super cute. She gives 2-handed waves when she is really, really happy. I love being a mom to our little girl, rough spots and all.


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