Monday Monday

Wes has Mondays instead of Fridays off now. We realized this is pretty much perfect for getting out to play in the snow – no traffic, no crowds, and sometimes its even cheaper!
This Monday we made our first winter venture to the mountains. We went to Breckenridge Nordic Center to try out our new-to-us XC skis. We rented a Kinder Shuttle (a little covered sled) for Abi to ride in. She fell asleep almost right away! Wes did great pulling her. I on the other hand, couldn’t move because it has been nearly 2 years since I have been on XC skis, and my skis were too long. Arrgh.
We brought along some snowshoes we were thinking about buying from Sonja and I tried those out. That saved the day for me – they were soooo fun! So it was a successful, fun first trip to the snow and Wes was grinning ear-to-ear. He acts the most like Wes when you get him out in the snow and the mountains. I love it!

One response to “Monday Monday

  1. Weeeeee’s having our first snow of the season here in MD right now! I’m glad you all had some fun with it.

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