Trip back East

So, we just got back on Monday night from an extended trip east. To say it was exciting would be an understatement. We went to Westminster first, then to Blacksburg (Wes did some recruiting for PD, so his trip was free), and then to Arlington. I woke up very sick the morning of my flight with Abi, so that was an experience I would like to forget soon. Wes dropped us off at the airport and had to get a special pass to get me all the way to the gate and on the plane. Then he left, and got sick too! We then proceeded to spread our little version of unhappiness all up and down the east coast.
But, we still had a good trip! It was really nice to have babysitters, Wes and I were able to take in a movie, get me some jeans, and go out to dinner; on three different occasions. It was weird and wonderful all at the same time. Abi is standing up now, and is all over the place. Everyone had fun playing with her and she really loved my cousin Sean!
The trip down to Blacksburg was great. We got to hang out with Kim, Nils, and Annabelle for dinner when we got into town. Kim, Abi, and I went for a little hike the next day too. We had lunch with Jessica, who we haven’t seen in quite a while. We also got to visit the Mining Department and the Forestry department and see both of our advisors.
Then we headed back to Northern VA for a very short while. The Johnsons threw a gret party for Byron’s retirement. We had a nice time visiting with them too! That was followed by a complete break-down of the car when we were taking Wes to the airport.
After all that, we are still recovering – resting, trying to get hydrated, and I’m trying to get caught up on grading!


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