Perspective on a no-good day

Today was not a good day. Lots of little things went wrong. I woke up with a sour stomach and could not leave the house. I missed Pilates class (and an hour of free babysitting). My brand-new sewing machine broke and gave me fits. I could not find Abi’s little piggy costume. I talked mean to Wes on the phone (and vice versa). And all kinds of other little things went wrong. Before I knew it, Wes was home and things started to get better.
But now it is time to go to sleep and I have been thinking a lot about the terrible Gap Clothing sweatshop in India that was recently in the news. Even more than the disgusting/deplorable conditions, I was thinking about the little kids being forced to work and not having parents to love them and help them have a grounding point. I have been thinking about how Abi will play so hard that she needs to curl up on my chest with her thumb in her mouth periodically – like I am her “time out,” something safe and stable she can come back to. Those kids don’t have that, and I think all kids need that.
Just refocusing on the bigger picture and praying for someone besides myself and my very small world helps a lot. I am so glad Jesus loves me, and Wes loves me, even though I have such a narrow, selfish view of things. And I pray He would be that grounding point those kids in India need, and that He would being justice and freedom to that dark place.


2 responses to “Perspective on a no-good day

  1. All of us occasionaly get occupied with our lives or loose focus to Satan’s workings in the world. But God’s grace toward us is greater than any of our situations. (Ps. 103). He promises us perfect peace when our minds are staid upon Him, (Is. 26:3-12) (Phi 4:8,9) and all of His promises are true (Titus 1:2). So cast, with all boldness and expectation, all of your cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7).

  2. That was a very good perspective. I don’t think you lost yourself in selfishness for very long, since your love for others came back to you the same day. The picture of Abi curling up on you as her safe haven was very dear. That is how we can be in the arms of Jesus, too, he is our safe haven.

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