Where to from here?

So, before I start…this picture is of me in the grad student office in Cheatham Hall. I guess I am feeling a little nostalgic (although this was only 4 years ago) and homesick. And I remember thinking at this time that I would surely find some sort of career path that would make a difference in the world. I also remember that printer in the background was a piece of (insert your choice of wording here).

That said, I am completely quitting my job at the college I have been teaching for. Many of you know, I resigned as a full time instructor effective in July and have been teaching as an adjunct. Now I have made the decision to completely quit effective January. I can’t be a part of an institution of higher learning that has no commitment to its students. I love my students and the people I have been honored to work with. I am honored that I was entrusted with students and two degree programs. I am honored that they wanted to keep me even when I moved two states away. However, I have a strong need to completely sever now. It will be really hard for me to do that, but I know it is time.

I don’t know what I will do next professionally, but I do know what I will “do” – be a mom and a wife. I would like to find something that I can do part-time from home, but I realize those sorts of jobs are few and far between. I have been thinking about my passions and my strengths, and I know I am a teacher. I know I have wanted to educate people about natural resources since I was 15. I know I love good, hard science. I know I love water. I know I still want to make a difference and believe that I can. God has really confirmed these things in my heart. And that’s about all I know about where I am going.

Maybe it will be volunteering, maybe it will be more leadership training, maybe writing papers, maybe teaching locally, maybe some extended time off….or maybe something I haven’t thought of yet! I have a little girl here that needs me to be here for her, and that takes precedence over all these possibilities.


2 responses to “Where to from here?

  1. I was so pleased with your comments.
    I thought teaching was the greatest ministry, but we found the greatest impact was on the ones who visited in our home. We very much enjoyed, also, the Laubach Literacy –each one , teach one. There has been opportunities in SS and church ,but the greatest joy as been home education these last 20 plus years and to see our 12 grandchildren being home educated as well!
    from a former teacher that never stopped learning or teaching

  2. Wow, Laura, that is a great picture! Love it. You are so level headed. Abigail needs you most right now. And, who knows how the next generation may affect the world? Raising God-loving children could impact the world more than anything else you could do. You won’t sit still for long, this I do know.

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