Last weekend & This weekend

I can’t believe how fast time flies! We have had two fun weekends in a row.
Last weekend, we drove to Leadville and did a short hike near the Continental Divide. It was gorgeous, with the aspens turning yellow and losing their leaves, and snow on the caps of the highest peaks. We also visited a museum in town that had lots of mining history and 10th Mountain Division history. It was very cool, and I usually don’t have the patience for museums, but we enjoyed this one!
This weekend, we went climbing and had a Superhero pot-luck at our house. Although we have had house guests, I think this was our first real “party” at the new house. Only one thing – we didn’t take a single picture! Oops! So, the world may never see Cheapskate, Power to Heal, Catie, Big Brother, Super Marathon Man, Booger girl, Super Cat Food Girl, Laura, Steve, Cole, Captain Vegetable, or Red Kool-Aid Man…..or will they? You may know their alter-egos, buy they’ll never tell! Either way, we had a great time climbing in the wind and eating yummy food and most of all, hanging out with some great people.


One response to “Last weekend & This weekend

  1. Anyone who is a parent and a spouse IS a superhero, they don’t need a costume. Single Moms and Dads are heroes, too. Wow, you blogged about all kinds of heroes, pretend and real. You must have great friends and colleagues there.

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