So I needed to buy a new pair of pants and some long-sleeve shirts since fall is just around the corner and all my other pants are falling off and shirts are super baggy. I have determined, once and for all, that I really hate clothes shopping.
We are so incredibly privileged in this country to have all the choices we do, between mega-malls, mega-stores, and online shopping. And don’t get me wrong, I love new clothes, especially cool sporty ones, as much as the next gal. However, everything is so chintzy at most of the stores, and overpriced, and doesn’t fit. Then, when you get it home, it shrinks or pills. I think most Americans have a lot of clothes, but few that really last. This probably leads to a lot of waste. Maybe I should aim to have fewer clothes that are more versatile and better made.
On top of that, I hit my shopping limit in 30 minutes (Abi in 20) and that doesn’t leave any time to try things on. Maybe I really should start sewing clothing! My new motto is going to be “if Sierra Trading Post doesn’t have it, or I can’t make it, then I didn’t really need it.” I doubt I’ll stick to it 100%, but I think we will save a lot of money on clothes this year.
To end my rant and rave on a positive note, I am SO thankful to have plenty of clothes to wear, and more choices than just Wal-Mart (after living in Elko, I really truly appreciate it). And when I do have to shop, I always appreciate a good shopping buddy (like my mom or sister) to keep me from losing it!
Oh yeah, and THANK YOU to whoever invented belts. You have saved me a lot of embarrassment in the last 2 months.


4 responses to “Arrgh…..

  1. I could have written this exact post. For Summer I bought two pairs of shorts and two really cute tops and wore them allllll summer. I spent good $$ on them and they lasted well. So, I’m going to do the same this winter, I’m heading to Patagonia in search of two new outfits…and that’s all I’ll really get. But they will be complete and with interchangable tops, and I’ll wear the heck out of them!

  2. Belts, well, now, there’s a topic!

    Belts can be friend or foe. Yes, they help hold things up, but if the waistline is expanding, instead of shrinking, they can be a menacing reminder of too many dinners out!

    I am getting to be friends again with my belts and I do like them, but it’s a lot of work to stay friends with them.

  3. I agree… clothes should be made better, and most clothing that is sold is tasteless at that. You know how many items of clothing I have, and I only really wear a select few when I feel like looking decent.

    Most of the time I wind up in a teeshirt! Good thing nobody I hang out with cares. =)

  4. Hey there!

    I’m so glad you shop at Sierra Trading Post for great deals on well-made clothes! We love to hear stories from satisfied customers!

    Good luck with the sewing–if it doesn’t work out, just visit us for brand name styles that last and last!

    Best regards,
    Allie Comeau, Sierra Blogging Post
    Sierra Trading Post

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