First Word

So, we were at Costco yesterday and stopped at one of the little tables where they give you samples. Abi looked up from her toy, said “Hi!” to the little old lady, and then went back to whatever she was doing. The lady said “hi” back to her, and it took a few mintes for it to register that Abi really did say hi, I was the only one that didn’t notice! She had been saying “hah” and “hee” to me, Wes, the dog, random people, trucks, etc., but I wasn’t sure if she was trying to say “hi” or not. Now I am pretty sure!


7 responses to “First Word

  1. I’m telling you, that child has a sense for food, and anyone who is connected with food. Of course she can say “hi” if she wants to – you did that even earlier. Kids know which side their bread is buttered on!

  2. Laura that is soo cool! Maybe she’ll be saying even more in November! Can’t wait to tell her “hi” in person.

  3. sweet! Sounds like she’s been trying it out for a while, but now she’s got it. A persistent little linguist 🙂

  4. I am glad that all those grunts are turning into words! Conner says Hi as well and he says it non stop. He says it with that look like you might break his heart if you don’t say hi back.

  5. Goodness sakes already saying things at 7 months awesome! I just can’t get over how quickly Abi wants to join in the fun! Next thing we’ll find out is that she’s running in a duathalon! She’s so precious!

  6. I have not heard of any baby speaking so – a propos- and so early..I am impressed.

    keep on the good always pays off .sooner or later.Bonne Maman

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