Yay for duathlons

So we just got back from the race this afternoon. I did the Du Wop all-women’s duathlon in Aurora, CO. After the week we have had – and I won’t go into details – let’s just say I was thankful to even be there!
The race format was 5K run, 12 mile bike, another 5K run (I know I’m mixing units here, but I haven’t converted to metric yet!). I was super nervous before the race began and got all psyched out because everyone else looked like they actually trained. I spent some time praying before the start and got calmed down and decided it was just a gift to be there and I was going to enjoy every minute of it!
The first run went really well, I started at a moderate pace and picked it up as I was feeling good. I finished the first 5K in about 25 minutes and was probably about 8th or 9th in my age group at that point. I had a really smooth transition (got a great spot by the bike-out) jumped on the bike and hammered it up the first little rise. I felt great on the bike. Evidently I passed a bunch of people on it.
Then I smoothly dismounted and ran into transition again – dropped my bike off the rack – picked it back up – smiled – got my running shoes on and back out of transition. I had a hard time from there on out. I knew I pushed to my capacity today, but it was a good thing. One stomach cramp and one leg cramp later, I finished the second 5K only a tad slower than my first!
I finished in 1:31. I wound up 3rd in my age group and 18th out of all 165 women in the race format that I did! I was shocked! It was sooo much fun and a nice, supportive atmosphere to race in. I would yell “good job! almost there!” on the last bike hill to people as I passed them and they seemed to appreciate it and I always get a boost from seeing someone else give it their all.
Wes was stellar as always, watching Abi and helping me out with all the little details. He also helped me to stay positive before the race. He also took lots of great pictures. The Watkins’ all came out to cheer too, so that was awesome! Sonja let me borrow her aero bars and some tri shorts and gave me lots of good advice. And those of you who responded to my post last weekend really helped me stay positive and upbeat about my reasons for doing the race. Thanks everybody!
I am going to go take a nap now. I will update with the “official” results once they are out!

6 responses to “Yay for duathlons

  1. WOW LAURA, I can’t believe you did so well after the week you had!! You must be made of sturdy stock, no, make that steel, or pure grit, to have done a race today!!

    You are my role model of what a modern woman should be.

    I walked my modest 1.6 miles this evening, and my Mom said I would be able to do races with you soon!! Ha ha ha what a knee slapper!

  2. The pictures are great! You are one incredible lady out there. What precious moments where you are holding Abigail, too.

    You may have had some pre-race nerves, but you don’t look like it in the pictures. You look like you are enjoying the moment..and very focused.

  3. Hip Hip Hooray for Laura! I am so glad you were able to go and that you did so well! I hope you can come to Richmond for the next round – Nils and I could hopefully come watch!

  4. So, the “official” results were:
    3rd of 15 in age group
    18 of 165 overall
    1st run:6th, 7:59 pace
    1st transition: 0:37
    Bike: 3rd, 18.7mph avg speed
    2nd transition: 0:38.4
    2nd run:6th, 8:40 pace

    Finish time: 1:31:34

  5. oooh la la, are those Mizunos on your feet?

    I am so proud of my big sis! You are amazingly awesome.

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