The fruits of our garden!

I just had the most deee-licious salad. It came from our garden (finally)! Rabbits had been eating all my lettuce, and it had been too hot. Our tomato plants look better than they ever did in Nevada, but they only make about 1 ripe mini tomato per day.
Well, Maddy finally started doing a better job of chasing down the rabbits and I got to have a home-grown salad tonight! Lettuce, mini tomato, a little rice vinegar, olive oil, cracked pepper, and a cut-up Babybel cheese. YUM! It was worth it! Thanks Maddy!
I am proud that we only used worm-poop fertilizer and water this year, and granted, it is a heck of a lot easier to grow things here than it was in Nevada. It only took 3 years to get this salad. The taste of victory!


3 responses to “The fruits of our garden!

  1. Yeah for Maddy! Rabbits (or groundhogs) ate all my potential harvests when I had a garden. Mmmmmmmmm – homegrown tomatoes are the best. Glad you were able to enjoy the fruits of your labors!

  2. I only was able to enjoy 2 small tomatoes this year, but luckily I have crazy gardeners in my office and got to enjoy the fruits of their labor (literally…I want to grow plums now). I planted in the front yard & back, but some crazy root rot got the plants in the front yard. But…good news, I am going to get an actual garden bed next psyched!

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