Some thoughts……

How did we get from there to here already? Abi is 7 months old now and time is flying by. I think (in my very limited experience) that parenting is an intense, short period of attachment to your child and a long, slow, painful, gradual process of letting go.

I have already had to let go of some things already – things I was definitely not ready to do and would have gladly given up 7 months ago. No more falling asleep in my arms, no more long cuddles in the morning, no more nursing every 2 hours around the clock (yay!), no more completely pulverized food. Even though some of these things were very hard at first, I still feel just a little sad to see them go.

Although Abi does new things now – sitting up, eating crackers, babbling, reaching, playing, scooting – I know those will be gone all too fast as well, and new things will take their place. I am also finding I can’t quickly soothe every cry. Now, she has the capacity to hurt herself (bump her head, scrape her arm) as part of the learning process. I feel like it’s happening to me, but I can’t do anything about it. I really think this was the kind of pain God was talking about when He cursed Eve in the Garden; the pain of letting go and letting a child grow up in a fallen world. But just like the fairly unpleasant process of birth, I would still say it seems worth it.


5 responses to “Some thoughts……

  1. I would venture to agree. I wouldn’t know how it feels for a parent to watch their child grow up and have to feel pain (having no children of my own). I can imagine it must be tough for you and for God. But somehow with a Redeemer in the picture, everything does seem worth it.

  2. Dear Laura, I found this blog entry to be poignant and relative to daily life. It is so amazing how, no matter how advanced we think we are intellectually, it takes a child to teach us what we really need to know. Mom

  3. Luara – Wow! Great thoughts! In every thing there is a season (Ecc. 3:1-8), thank God for his word to guide us in them (Is. 30:21). Though we change, He does not (Mal. 3:6) and He never leaves us (Heb. 13:5b).

  4. I really like this blog…and Steve’s comments – thought provoking, insightful and encouraging! THanks so much for sharing.

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