Feelin ….HOT HOT HOT! We just got back from our trip to the big city in the desert today. It was great to see family – some of whom Abi has never met before! We stayed with Wes’ mom and her husband Don and his princess…I mean dog….named Lady. Lady was very good with Abi.
Abi got to meet the Perrys and Bonne Maman for the first time. We also got to see Allison from VT and Marc, Melissa, Becky, and Leilani from Elko; briefly. It was a great visit – except for the heat. It was over 110 in the city every day we were there. We tried to go for a run one morning before it got “too” hot and yeah, it was too hot. The drop in altitude does not help at all when it’s that hot.
Thankfully, Garland and Bea have a pool and were very generous as always in having us all come over and cool off in it. We also had a nice dinner and birthday party as a family. It was a memorable trip, and we are glad to be safely back here in the “cool” 90 degree weather too!

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