Happy Birthday, big Wes!

Wes celebrated his birthday on Saturday. Friday he went mountain biking and rock climbing, and Saturday night we had a Wii night to celebrate. When I think about all that we’ve been through together since we started dating nearly 6 years ago, it makes my head spin! Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, grad school, new jobs, promoting races, living on nothing, living on two incomes, a new baby…..life is a never-ending adventure with this guy. Instead of “settling down” with Wes we have really taken off, and although sometimes I am tired and miss my family, I am so glad to be on an adventure with Wes every day. He truly is my best friend. Happy Birthday, Wes, I love you!!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, big Wes!

  1. i really enjoy your blog. my married life started off with lots of changes too. mostly due to the war.frank had to leave for the philipines when harold was one year old. he returned when he was two. i’m so glad you are happy.lots of love, grandma

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