Abi the thunderstom magnet

So we just had our third thunderstorm adventure together. This time, thankfully, there was no hail, and I didn’t get soaked. What is it with this kid and thunderstorms? Or maybe it’s me?
I was talking to Mom on the phone today and we thought Abi might benefit from teething biscuits. She’s been a little fuss-monster the past week with her teeth. Great! I thought. I need some things for dinner, and I can ride my bike over to the grocery store with the Chariot behind me. How fun. I found a sidewalk route to the store on Monday, and I am excited we can ride over there.
So we get all ready to go, and I hook up the Chariot to my road racing bike instead of my cross bike that has a triple. Put Abi in, grab a couple of jackets, keys, etc. So we ride all the way over there and I forgot my wallet! Mommy brain strikes again!!! Good thing, too, because it started thundering.
So we forgo the grocery store trip, and start riding back. Of course there is lightning all around and thunder. The lightning was really about 10 miles away, but those of you who know me well know what a lightning- and exposure- safety freakazoid I am. How do I keep getting in these situations??
Turned out to be a blessing I forgot my wallet. We are safely home now, I didn’t get too wet (but it was all uphill home, pulling the baby, and trying to ride hard, with not nearly enough easy gears) and Abi didn’t get a drop on her. Guess we’ll just drive to the store later. I’m going to try for no more adventures like that, at least until next week. Oh yeah, and I’m going to get that bike with the triple set up too.


One response to “Abi the thunderstom magnet

  1. All’s well that ends well. You guys…and your ever-loving adventures. Don’t be surprised if she wants to sky dive when she’s older!

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