This weekend

We had a great weekend! Wes indulged me once again. Saturday morning he took Abi for some much-needed dad & daughter time. They had a lot of fun together: playing, getting Wes’ hair cut, napping. I took off in the early morning to go watch a triathlon at Aurora Reservior. 3 of our awesome Mountain Mama friends did the tri – Sonja, Liz, and Christie. Everyone did great, and Sonja places 2nd in her age group! It was a lot of fun to watch and all the athletes were amazing. I even got to take a nap when I got home.
Sunday was the Muddy Buddy and an even earlier morning. Laura G met us here and we headed up to Boulder. The event was a lot of fun, I ended up running first and the first leg was pretty hard for me mentally. Coming in last in the mountain bike race last month affected me more than I really wanted to think about. After I got on the bike I was feeling a lot better (thankfully the legs were all super-short) and started having a lot of fun. The best part was definitely the mud pit at the end! A lot of teams had costumes, and it was fun seeing what everyone came up with.
Team Laura ended up placing 10th out of 40-odd teams, we were totally shocked! Matt and Liz got 5th, and we also saw Anna and Bo, which was a nice surprise! Wes watched Abi again and took lots of pictures. Thanks Wes! And, great job Lindsey and Sonja on winning our age group!!


2 responses to “This weekend

  1. Wow, Laura, you and your Muddy Buddy look great in the final picture. I know you like mud!! Tee hee…there was always plenty of evidence around the house..I wish young women had done stuff like that when I was raising you – it would have been a good way to work off some angst. I did Jazzercise – now that’s old!

  2. haha wow that looks like a lot of fun. Cool helmets! I miss ya lots, sis. It’s nice that you have time to do tons of fun stuff in addition to being an awesome mom… Wes is awesome for doing that for ya.

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