Anybody seen my keys?

We had a fun weekend last week. After swimming with Abi on Friday, running errands and picking up Mom, Dad, and Andrew on Saturday, going to church and mountain biking Sunday, we were tired and happy. Monday morning at 4:45 am Wes leaned over the bed and asked me what I wanted to do about keys. Should he leave some keys here? Or just take all of his keys for both cars? Probably talking in my sleep, I told him to just take his keys and go to work (I don’t like these pre-6 am conversations, ever, even if he’s asking me if I want chocolate or a morning off from baby care).
I get up at 8am and need to be out the door in an hour for a Mountain Mamas hike (Maxwell Falls, my favorite to date). Dad is going to take me to the carpool lot to pick up the Jeep, and they are going to take the Saturn and go to Estes Park for 2 days. I get the pack ready, get all the cloth diapers together, get lots of snacks for myself, pack water, etc., wake Abi up (again) and get her ready….about to head out the door….get my keys….where are my keys? No really, where are they? Ooops. I have no idea. Not even a little. Because my current brain function is so low, I can’t even remember when I last used them. Arrgh! After frantic looking and yelling at myself and everyone helping me look, it is no use. I call our hike leader Sonja and let her know we aren’t coming. Doh.
Now, we can’t go anywhere! My family can’t go up to Estes Park, we are stuck. They were such good sports about it. After I calmed down, I found 2 spare car keys around noon. Tuesday, we had to go get new keys made for me. I still have no clue where they are.
As if this weren’t enough, I can’t remember anything this week! Shopping lists, my shoes (yeah, shoes), when I last ate, which side Abi last ate on, what day of the week it is, nothin’. I am a little worried! Maybe it’s the cold we got, or my lack of sleep, or my constant hugry-ness. If anyone has seen my keys, or my old brain, please give me a call. I really need them back.


2 responses to “Anybody seen my keys?

  1. old brain? ew. Wherever it is, I hope it’s still fresh. 🙂 Thanks for the video of Abi going “baa baa baa.” I’ve been showing it to everyone, because I think it’s the greatest. I refrain from explaining how she’s making phonemes, though (but that’s what she’s doing!)

  2. charlotte showed me how to get on your blog easily. i really enjoy reading about your adventures we have a lady here who says every one of our meals is an adventure. all of your days seem to be one. i’m doing water arobics twice a week’ they still wear me out.lobe,great grandmom

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