This week in review

We had a really fun week, and my parents and brother are coming today. It has been stinkin’ hot the last couple of days, but with our swamp cooler and cool basement we are managing to stay cooled off.
Val, Loren, and Jackson are in town and Abi and I got to hang out with Val and Jackson a couple time this week. We can’t wait until they move here, woohoo! We took the babies to the Y and Abi got to go swimming for the first time. Abi seemed to like it and Jackson had a good time too!
We helped Liz get her bike ready for her tri this weekend. There was a problem with her shifter we couldn’t figure out, but hopefully she will be ready to rock tomorrow.
We also got to go running with Laura and Cole at Lair O’ the Bear. It was really fun! It was pretty much trail running (I thought the trail was wider than I remembered) only with baby joggers.
So, all in all, we had a fun week! I was pretty bummed last week after I realized that I can’t race or train right now. I am ready mentally to get back into it, and now I have the bike. But, we are having so much fun together as a family and this time will be so fleeting. This week helped cheer me up, and to top it off, I finally gained back some of the weight I have been losing (I checked yesterday).


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