Have you taken it off any sweet jumps?

Shocks…pegs….lucky!!! It’s no Sledgehammer, but I have a new bike already! We found it on Craig’s list and it was just too good to be true. I am still in shock. It’s a 2004 Gary Fisher Sugar TEAM EDITION (like what their pros rode that year) with full XTR – pretty much the best bike ever, well at least, for me. Even better – this bike is 3 years old but had never been ridden. The guy we bought it from found out he had heart problems right after he bought it and he never rode it. It still had new-tire nubbies. Better than that, he sold it to us for less than half of what he bought it for in 2004. We were worried he stole it or something but he even had the original receipt and owner’s manuals. Wes and I had started looking at new bikes last weekend and were still reeling from sticker shock. Most of the dual suspension bikes that would work for us are over $2000, for a mid-range bike! This one was far less than that, and it is top of the line. A sick, sick deal.
So the most important part – I took it for a quick ride after we brought it home. I found a fun trail on Table Mountain right behind our neighborhood and had a blast. Lots of rocks, climbing, and tumbleweed. And – no more back pain! Woopeee! Even cooler, this thing is so light and climbs so well I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything from my hard tail. I’m still reeling from all of this but I know this bike is going to be a lot of fun, and thanks thanks thanks Wes for indulging me.


2 responses to “Have you taken it off any sweet jumps?

  1. That is a pretty sweet bike! Now this will give you the motivation to go out and ride with all those crazy super fit “do pilates at 9am in the morning” women! Hans wants a road bike real bad, so we are looking around to see whats out there. Does Wes have any good bike ideas?

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